New Year, New Projects

I’m not all that keen on New Year Resolutions… (or New Year REVOLUTIONS as my youngest so dearly talks about LOL) However, yesterday (New Years Eve Day) while taking a shower, my brain was manically scanning through several topics of inner dialog as usual when suddenly this idea popped into my head. Before I knew what I was doing, domains were registered, hosting packages purchased, Word Press sites were being set up and I rang in the New Year with an intense tension headache from all the days focus and screen time.  Ahhhh…. such rewards for a days hard work, lol.

So here is the start of…. I don’t really know what, lol. A feeling? A sense of personal direction? I guess at this point it really doesn’t matter. I’m simply talking out loud to myself, aren’t I? HAHAHA!! I simply need to put down something to mark a FIRST POST goal. (could be the last, lol) Lot’s of work and thinking to do. Wish me luck!!