Diet Psychology Question

Why does someone else’s diet bother you?

This is a question that often finds it’s way creeping into my mental mutterings. I know and love people of various dietary interests. Big Meat to Big Veg and variations of in between… I love them all and don’t think for one hot minute it’s my place to convert anyone to my latest trending life path. At the moment that path is directing me towards Vegan. Why Veganism? The reasons are numerous and they are mine, just as the reasons why anyone choses any path are theirs and it is from these choices that we experience life.

Eclectic diets

For some time now my diet has been nearly vegetarian without even trying. I eat dairy and eggs but I don’t go out of my way for meat. If I’m out and what is being served has meat in/on it I won’t refuse it but I don’t seek it out. Other than some occasional lunch meat for my quite carnivorous middle child, I don’t buy meat as part of my grocery shopping. Several months ago (May 2017) I talked the double cheeseburger loving husband  into watching Forks Over Knives. Can you take a guess what happened?? HAHAHA!! The husband here went cold turkey Vegan the next morning and has never looked back. Good for him!! He’s an extremist, lol, so it’s all or nothing. Since that time we have done much to make our kitchen Vegan friendly.

Curious observation….

Not once over the years do I remember the husband getting any sideways looks or gasps at mealtimes from others while slathering the mayo or ranch dressing all over his S.A.D. (standard, American, diet) Fast forward to the present time… Maybe it’s just me and my natural disposition of not wanting to put anyone out but I feel the heat of peoples frustrations when they know were coming over for something that requires food. When people hear the word Vegan, they recoil. WHAT DO VEGANS EAT??? As if expecting the answer to be something unattainable like martian baby farts. LOL! I don’t ever expect anyone to do anything special for us. People often forget that they eat “vegan food” everyday as well and we can usually find enough food to make it work. After all…. If we have made the effort to come see you, we are more likely interested in the company than the food. 

I also recall a several year chunk of my own life where I lived off Coffee, Diet Pepsi & Chex Mixx…Seriously!!! I’m not lying, lol. Throw in some ice cream and a little Debbie and that sums up my food intake, lol… Not once did anyone question me on where I was getting my XYZ…(fill in the blank) nutrition. When someone asks now… But protein?? I ask them to think about where their protein gets their protein. HAHAHA!


I’m not sure what the deep rooted psychology is in people that causes such a visceral reaction to another persons food choices. I like to research things that make me curious. If I find anything interesting or enlightening on the subject I’ll be sure to share.

In the mean time …. go forth … enjoy your plants, your animals, your Little Debbie’s… whatever or however You do YOU. Walk your path, hopefully in the direction of health.

Love Light & Blessings to all!!!